How to Measure a Radiator

Radiator Measurements

When you see CORE SIZE: ## x ## and or (##"x##") on Radiator Express ® listings, we are referring to the core size of the radiator, condenser, heater core, etc. The core size can be determined by measuring your product from the inside of one tank to the beginning inside of the opposite tank, also excluding any metal or plastic bracketing material. The core is the area that contains the tubes and fins. Certain applications of radiator will have different core sizes, and it is imperative that you check them prior to purchasing from Radiator Express ®. We are not responsible for the return of your radiator should you purchase an incorrect size, or if you purchase a part without first checking the various sizes listed in our catalog.

If you find minor discrepencies on measurements, note that core is just the fin and tube area.  It does not include bracketing, lips/seam areas and or tanks.  Also stock radiators may vary in thickness from the original designs due to manufacturing changes.  If you see only one item listed on our website and it is a fraction of something different, the assumption is the physical measurement is just off a little.  If it won't fit, we'd have notations telling you to check further.

If you need help confirming an item, call the sales office.

If there is 1 part for a stock application = that is the stock replacement.


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