Ordering a Radiator for a Ford Flathead V8

Radiator Express sells 2 types of Ford Flathead V8 radiators online.  Below are pictures of both items as well as additional detail on identifying your type of engine prior to purchase.

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1942-1948 flathead V8 radiator. (click to visit web listing)

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1949-1953 flathead V8 Radiator (click to visit website)

Before ordering a radiator for your 1942-1948 Ford V8 flathead engine, it is important to figure what engine you are truly working with.  We refer to them as both early and late ford engines and sometimes the early engines can be identified as "war cars".  Below we have pictured both engine setups and how to identify which you have:

Late Model Engines:

Above is the newer 46 and up ford flathead setup.   The hoses are 1 1/4 on the top radiator connection and come down to the front of the block.  this is the most common setup for engine rebuilds for your 1933 to 1948 engines.

Early Model Engines (War Cars)

Above illustrates the top radiator hose running to the center area of the block.  This is the 1932-1946 ish early Ford Flathead engine.  The top hose connections are 1 3/4 in diameter.  This setup is quite rare as most restorations will be with the newer engine for 1946 and up.

Now that we know what the difference is, it's time to check the top hose connection of our existing radiator for it's diameter as well as see where the hose runs.

1 1/4 = should run to the front
1 3/4 = should run to the middle

If you have the 1 1/4. the item we sell online will be the stock drop in replacement for you.

If you have the 1 3/4, you will want to opt into using our sku 224710  Shown below.  

Ford Pickup Flathead 1 3/4 hoses

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