What are Universal Radiators

Universal radiators or what we also call custom radiator kits are performance style radiators that are made by size to fit many types of automotive needs.  Our line of universal radiators are completely tig welded and made with one inch diameter tubing for cooling system performance.  These radiators can be sold already completed with hoses in a chevy / ford setup, or they can be blank to give the end consumer the freedom to weld the connections on as they see fit.

Custom Blank Radiator Kits.

These kits are offered by size.  Each kit comes unfinished with an accessory package that includes hose connections, filler neck, weld on bung, drain cock and an overflow tube.  

Universal Radiator

These radiators can be setup as either a cross flow with tanks on the sides, or a down flow with the tanks on the top and bottom.

The chart below is a quick reference to sizes of these items.

SKU # Overall Downflow or
Oil Cooler Hurricane Engine
Driven Fan Shroud
Electric Fan &
Shroud Assembly
222539  16"x20" Both No ------- -------
229398  16"x20" Both Yes ------- -------
221721 16”x22” Both No ------- -------
229394  16”x24” Both No ------- -------
229395 16”x26” Both No ------- -------
229396  16”x28” Both No 222567 Z40081
229397 16”x31” Both No 222568 223259
221531  19”x22” Both No 222578 222754
204101BC 19"x22" Both Yes 222578 222754
221532 19”x24” Both No 222576 Z41035
204102BC 19”x24” Both Yes 222576 Z41035228738 228737
221533 19”x26” Both No 222579 222607
204103BC 19”x26” Both Yes 222579 222607227807
221534 19”x28” Both No 222577 224060
204104BC 19”x28” Both Yes 222577 224060, Z40075
221535 19”x31” Both No 222580 224061
222133 21 1⁄2”x22” Both No ------- -------
222170 21 1⁄2”x26” Both No ------- -------
221917 25 1⁄2”x22” Both No ------- -------
209684B 25 1⁄2”x26” Both No ------- -------
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