Product Announcement: 1997-1999 Dodge Dakota Offroad Capacity All Aluminum Radiator

I don't know about you, but i love my little 1997 Dodge Dakota pickup.  I picked one up with gas mileage and price as my determining factor but could not resist bigger tires and a suspension.  Given these dakota models have been used by fire departments and police as their offroad solutions, and with frame on body and a leaf spring axle she would pack a punch on the beach.

Many dollars later, tires, suspension, the dreaded winch and guess what, I'm overheating and it seems that a plastic 1 row radiator with excessively blocked airflow is not going to cut it.  The solution,  2 rows of 1 inch tubing, welded aluminum design and the auxiliary radiator cooler premounted.  This did it and I'm happy to see it now in our online catalog.

Check out the 1997,1998, 1999 Dodge Dakota All Aluminum Performance Radiator. 

Dodge Dakota Radiator dakota radiator with aux cooler

This product is a beast and helps cooling through the wide radiator tube format.  It's a great addition to assist with a very stressed cooling system and has dramatically helped engine temps settle during idle.

Direct Bolt in replacement
Standard Core: 2 rows of 1" tubes
Upgraded Core: 2 rows of 1.25" tubes (available @ additional cost)
TIG Welded
No Epoxy

Dealer Part Number: 52029148

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