Custom Electric Fan Shroud Kits


For every radiator we build as "MADE IN THE USA", we carry 12 different fan combinations.  Below we explain the different type of fan combos we build, their benefits and pricing.

OEM Style Mechanical Fan Shrouds

OEM Shroud

These fan shrouds are for most original fan shrouds that are mechanically driven.  If you are looking to upgrade your radiator, but keep the original fan / shroud layout, this is a durable aluminum option that completes your custom look.  

Mechanical fans may not produce enough airflow to cool modified engines compared to it's counterpart electric.  

Bracket Mounted Electrical Fans

Bracket Mounted Fan

This configuration is our simplest, space saving and least expensive option to get a custom electric fan mounted to your radiator.  We do these layouts as both puller fans (inside on engine side to replace the mechanical fan) as well as pusher fans (added in front of the radiator as auxiliary means of bringing more air across the radiator in combination with an existing mechanical fan. 

Using a bracket mount setup is not as efficient as the below shrouded options because the fans create air flow only on the surface of the radiator core that it covers (sacrificing complete core coverage)

Integrated Fan Shrouds

integrated fan shroud

This layout moves us to a shrouded electric fan and shroud, but with a interesting space saving twist.  The fan is build inside of the shroud to streamline the thickness of the package.  We create these only as puller fans (inside on engine side).  These packages allow airflow over the entire radiator core which is imperative for high horsepower applications and the integrated design allows us to get more airflow into tighter spaces.

Non Integrated Fan Shroud

non integrated fan shroud

Our most popular and most efficient layout is the integrated fan and shroud combo.  We utilize full airflow as the entire core is covered by a shroud and build the fans externally mounted to the shroud to maximize the fans efficiency.  These packages are the thickest of all our solutions.

Quick Fan option explanation (Low profile thinnest and least airflow,  High Profile / Paddle thickest most airflow)

See our general pricing and selection chart below (* pricing is a guide and subject to change based on radiator choice)


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