Product Announcement: Jeep Right Hand Driver (Postal) Heater Core 97-01 Cherokee, 97-06 Wrangler

Have a postal vehicle and lost heat?  Radiator Express has you covered with both a custom made to order and recore service. 

The Cherokee Wrangler Postal Vehicle layout utilized a heater core that was thinner than left hand drive vehicles with reversed piping.

This 1 inch thick copper/brass unit is now upgradable with our service to a 1 1/4 thick serpentine copper core or 1 inch wide tube aluminum (also 1 1/4 thick)

These performance cores allow for more adequate heating functions.

Below you'll see a rendition of our build to order RHD heater core.  We have created a hand crafted high performance heater core that is made right here in the USA. (SKU 230568)

Jeep Right Hand Heater Core

For those partial to the OEM right hand driver heater core (that have the original part), Radiator Express offers a mail in recore service for your original copper heater core (SKU 230008)   Below you'll see a picture of an original Jeep Wrangler heater for RHD in copper.  We'll replace this 1 inch core with our SERP 1 1/4 performance core and refinish all brass piping for remanufacture. 

Used Copper Right Hand Drive Heater Core




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