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Many of our competitor's web sites use unrealistically low 'bait' pricing techniques. Orders are held for multiple days prior to shipment, warranties are not included in the price and expedited shipping services often result in prices well above Radiator Express. If you are not careful on a competitor's web site, you could pay over $20 to wait 5 or 7 days for your part, unable to cancel the order!

We ship most stock replacements the same day you order with ~1 day delivery standard for a flat $15 rate that covers a 5 year warranty and insured delivery. What you see is what you get with Radiator Express. *
You can read more about bait pricing in our Knowledge Base.

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We do not price match some specific misleading sites, eBay (tm), or craigslist (tm), for fraud prevention purposes. We do not price match post-purchase - please request a match before purchasing from us or a competitor!
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