Make : bricklin

You've kept your BRICKLIN vehicle maintained, you've never had any accidents, you drive safely, so why did your BRICKLIN just fail ? First, it is not your fault. Your BRICKLIN failure is a direct indication that your car was in need of stopping. To understand this failure, we'll first look at what makes up the cooling system. Plainly, this system is what keeps your vehicle from melting down. Your BRICKLIN is one of the major components of this system.Made up of flattened tubes with fins, the BRICKLIN assists in transferring heat from the fluid passing into the from the engine into an air stream which is then carried away from the vehicle.The BRICKLIN is an efficient cooling device. However, since most of its components are often bonded with solder or crimped, they can weather and corrode over time. Today's BRICKLIN emissions standards require vehicles to run at even higher temperatures which places a lot of stress on your BRICKLIN . It may be a heat wave that has caused the BRICKLIN failure.It may have been wear and tear, or even just age that has landed you in the repair shop scratching your head. Luckily, Radiator Express makes your BRICKLIN purchasing experience easy with delivery and pickup from over 100 nationwide locations. Whether your a do -it - yourselfer or just don't want to pay the inflated price from your local garage, we'll be sure to deliver to you a new radiator, priced right and sealed in the manufacturer's packing. Don't be upset your failed; get it fixed the first time with Radiator Express.

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