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2 row all aluminum made with 1 9/16 thick core to accommodate the stock saddles as an oem fit for 62-63 Skylark 3.5L<br><br>Core Dimensions: 12 1/4" x 22 3/4" <br>Overall Dimensions h x w:18 1/8"x 23 3/8" <br>Core Thickness: 1 9/16<br>Tank Width: 2<br>Rows: 2<br>Tank Construction: Aluminum<br>Core Construction: Aluminum<br>Hose Location:In - Passenger, Out - Driver <br>Inlet Diameter: 1 1/2<br>Outlet Diameter:1 1/2<br>TOC: 1/4-18 NPT <br>EOC: NA <br>Mount: Saddle<br><br><font class="HiliteFONT">Suggested Add-Ons:</font><br>Radiator Cap (<a href="http://www.radiatorexpress.com/product.asp?part_id=221633" target="_blank">SKU 221633</a>) <br>Thermostat Relay Kit (<a href="http://www.radiatorexpress.com/product.asp?part_id=221453" target="_blank">SKU 221453</a>) <br>Overflow Tank (<a href="http://www.radiatorexpress.com/category.asp?cat_id=R023" target="_blank">See Category</a>)<br>2x12" fans recommended for this core size (<a href="http://www.radiatorexpress.com/product.asp?part_id=221449" target="_blank">SKU 221449</a>)<br>Add external oil cooler (<a href="http://www.radiatorexpress.com/product.asp?part_id=221617" target="_blank">SKU 221617</a>)<br>Add flex radiator hoses (<a href="https://www.radiatorexpress.com/category.asp?cat_id=R059" target="_blank">See Category</a>)<br>
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2 row all aluminum made with 1 9/16 thick core to accommodate the stock saddles as an oem fit for 62-63 Skylark 3.5L

Core Dimensions: 12 1/4" x 22 3/4"
Overall Dimensions h x w:18 1/8"x 23 3/8"
Core Thickness: 1 9/16
Tank Width: 2
Rows: 2
Tank Construction: Aluminum
Core Construction: Aluminum
Hose Location:In - Passenger, Out - Driver
Inlet Diameter: 1 1/2
Outlet Diameter:1 1/2
TOC: 1/4-18 NPT
Mount: Saddle

Suggested Add-Ons:
Radiator Cap (SKU 221633)
Thermostat Relay Kit (SKU 221453)
Overflow Tank (See Category)
2x12" fans recommended for this core size (SKU 221449)
Add external oil cooler (SKU 221617)
Add flex radiator hoses (See Category)

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.p65warnings.ca.gov


Vehicle Fitment

  • BUICK SKYLARK 3.2 L-V6 198CID1962
  • BUICK SKYLARK 3.5 L-V8 215CID1962,1963
  • BUICK SPECIAL 3.5 L-V8 215CID1962,1963

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