Mlitary Hummer and H1 Hummer All Aluminum Radiator Installation

Now assuming you have your hands on a hummer and need to replace the radiator, we have you covered  Our recently released all aluminum radiator is designed to fit the military Humvee 1984-Present and many street hummer 1 (H1) Models. 

Today, we'll look briefly at the installation of our SKU 229281 into a 1996 Am General Hummer with a 6.5L Engine.

All Aluminum H1 Radiator

The street hummer shown below needed some TLC and our friend and consumer, Dave, replaced not only the radiator, but the water pump all hoses, oil cooler and thermostat while everything was town down.  This is not a simple process and replacing a radiator in a H1 or AM General Hummer may take 16 plus hrs.  (it took this at home mechanic 3 days, spending 8 hours a day to complete the project)

Let's take a look at his installation by checking out some pictures

First, Dave was working with the original copper brass H1 radiator.    As you can see from illustrations below, the entire hood needs to be removed to properly access the radiator

Step 1: Remove Hood 

.Am General Hummer

Hummer H1

 Step 2: Remove failed Hummer Radiator