Product Announcement: 1961-1969 Lincoln Continental Radiator

We have now filled the gap to complete the 1961 - 1969 Lincoln Continental applications with 3 exclusive all aluminum radiators and a copper original radiator. From restoration to upgrade, our high performance aluminum continental radiators provide amazing heat dissipation and wide format tubing while our copper units are completely made in the USA to OEM specifications. 

Each radiator from 61-65. 66-67 and 68-69 has been designed with specific OEM mounting to ensure a plug and play installation.  Checkout out the radiator express listings below.  

Lincoln Continental

1961-1965 Continental Radiator is listed under SKU 227785 in all aluminum construction.

Aluminum Lincoln Continental Radiator

For a more original look, checkout our copper brass OEM 61-65 continental radiator on SKU  229282

Thanks for supporting MADE in the USA and Radiator Express.   This radiator is completely originally tooled and produced right here in the USA!

1966-1967 Continental Radiator is listed under SKU 229542

66-67 Continental Radiator

Finally, the 1968-1969 Continental Radiator is listed under SKU 228654

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